Thursday, November 21, 2019

Answer the question below Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Answer the question below - Essay Example As described by Berbatov, Hitler had a strategic plan of achieving his goal through developing a political slogan and spirit among the Germans that absorbed everybody to act along a particular line (Murray and Allan 63-4). It is evident that Hitler and his advisors resorted to various ways of eliminating its opponents and identified subjects. The best approach was to institute the Germany army into its Nazi machinery. With the help of Propaganda and tactical incitement of the Germans against the Jews and other alleged inferior races, the Nazi army was motivated to commit widespread atrocities that are estimated to have cost about 12 million lives. Berbatov’s understanding of the German army operations in the battle field and concentration camps explores the source of the mass killings that revolutionized the socio-economic and political face of the world into the modern times. The greed for power and craving desire to bring new order to the world by Hitler significantly explained his relentless efforts to champion for communism through Nazi operations. Berbatove explains how the German’s were brainwashed and recruited into Nazi soldiers with one goal of restoring their lost glory in the world socio-political and economic position (Murray and Allan 65-7). This spirit of pure German blood being diluted by the Jews brought tension which explains the mass killing of people in geographic ally dispersed concentration camps and military battle against allied forces of the West, United Kingdom among others. It is therefore clear that Berbatov’s assertion on the significance of Nazi army on the committed crime against humanity by Hitler is true. The Battle of Atlantic gained pace after the fall of France in 1941 as the principle power in the Atlantic waters. The Germans had direct access to Atlantic waters with their well-armed and sophisticated submarines. This posed a

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