Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Marketing Ying Yang iPhone Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Marketing Ying Yang iPhone - Essay Example Hence, it has a wider market target. This paper will seek to market the Ying Yang iPhone to small business and other target segments. In doing this it will address itself to the listed market aspects as well as the Ying Yang iPhone SWOT analysis. The Ying Yang iPhone will considerably, but not exclusively, target small businesspersons and consumers who want to communicate and get entertained at the same time. Currently the market for this phone is relatively small because it is new in the market and is not available in all countries. The high cost of the phone is also another limiting factor to the market penetration of this classy phone. However, its strengths and opportunities coupled with a good market plan will ensure that this product penetrates the market. The Ying Yang iPhone target segments will consist of small entrepreneurs, medical users, professionals, students, and other probable users. However, as technology advances and competition rises from other smart phones, there is need to increase demand and expand the target segments. To achieve this we will seek to differentiate the Ying Yang iPhone from other PDA’s on the market as well as collaborating with large cell phone service providers and large enterprise software firms (Maxwell et al Web). This will effectively reduce the costs in marketing and increase sales turnover. This will ensure that the phone is available in the market for corporations, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. By differentiating the product from other possible competitors, we will position and promote the Ying Yang iPhone as a value-added and more convenient product for both personal and business use (Maxwell et al Web). In addition, we will package the phone in a beautiful pack for advertisement purposes. A full year warranty on the product will be given to attract more customers. We will use the iPhone business brand name for businesspeople in marketing Ying Yang iPhone (Maxwell et al Web). We will also divers ify the product into different levels of affordability and for special seasons. This will ensure that a wide range of Ying Yang iPhones is available and affordable. It will also serve the purpose of product-person attraction hence increasing sales. Regarding the pricing of the product, we will consider introducing the cheaper less advanced and the expensive more advanced Ying yang iPhone to accommodate the purchasing power of all consumers. However, in due time, we may consider lowering the price to quickly establish a market dominance that lacks now. In distributing the product, clear logistics are very important. We will focus on rollouts worldwide at all reputable retailers online and cellular phone providers. This will make sure that the product is available with all phone providers and online marketers. We will collaborate with major electronics retailers and Apple to provide product demonstrations in an eye-catching manner. We will additionally put a good number of products on display to lure customers. Consequently we will use the social media, E-mail marketing, Application updates, blog reviews, joining newsgroups and online forums to advertise the product (Maxwell et al Web). This is sure way of marketing the product to our online friends who will in turn market it to their friend, hence creating a marketing network that will promote the product sales. Press release on major

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